Climate-related Events at the University of Pennsylvania

Recent Research Lectures at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn Faculty)

    EES Seminar Series (link)

    • March 25, 2013: Nicole Khan spoke at a seminar focusing on Tracking sedimentation from the historic 2011 Mississippi River flood in Louisiana deltaic wetlands
    • November 26, 2012: Xu Bing held a seminar discussing Global patterns of ecosystem carbon fluxes in forests: a biometric data-based synthesis
    • October 1, 2012: Anarmaa Sharkhu delivered a talk on Soil Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change and Land-Use Simulations and Estimation of Carbon stocks in Steppe and Forest Ecosystems in Northern Mongolia
    • Nov 30, 2011: Jeff Bladen gave a seminar on Bringing Energy Closer to Home; why energy efficiency and distributed resources are needed building blocks to really benefit from a "smart grid." (link)
    • Nov 10, 2011: Irina Marinov gave a preceptorial on How bad is bad? Climate change in the next 100 years and beyond in the David Rittenhouse Laboratories.
    • Nov. 2, 2011: Benjamin Horton, director of Penn's Sea-Level Research Lab and Associate Professor of Earth and Environmental Science, discussed Is Sea-Level Rising? How to Find Out, and What Does It Mean for the Coasts? as part of the Penn Science Cafe lecture series.
    • Oct. 2011: Brenda Casper, a professor in the Biology Department, gave a lecture about her research in Mongolia, Ecological consequences of climate change in the Mongolian steppe, for the Master of Environmental Studies Lecture Series.
    • Spring 2011: Irina Marinov gave a campus-wide, 60-second lecture on "Water and Future Climate Change."
    • Spring 2011: Irina Marinov from the Department of Earth and Environmental Science - Ocean ecology and the carbon cycle in a warmer world
    • Spring 2011: Simin Liu from the Department of Earth and Environmental Science - Reconstructing recent sea-level rise, Indian River Lagoon, Florida
    • Spring 2011: Raffaele Barnardello from the Department of Earth and Environmental Science - Spring phytoplankton blooms in the ocean. Theories and models
    • Fall 2010: Maddie Stone from the Department of Earth and Environmental Science - Using microbial enzymes to examine the effects of warming and N-fertilization on terrestrial carbon cycling
    • Fall 2010: Jane Willenbring from the Department of Earth and Environmental Science - The Rise of Late Tertiary Erosion and Weathering Rates: a Critical Re-evaluation
    • Spring 2010: Alain Plante from the Dept. of Earth & Environmental Science - Ecological effects of climate change in northern Mongolia
    • Spring 2010: Benjamin Horton from the Dept. of Earth & Environmental Science - Sea Level is Rising Along U.S. Atlantic Coast
    • Spring 2010: Nicole Khan from the Dept of Earth and Env. Science - Application of d13C and C/N ratios in sea-level reconstructions
    • Spring 2010: Razvan Zarzu from the Dept of Earth and Env. Science - Effects of ocean circulation changes on carbon disequilibrium

    Research Lectures at the University of Pennsylvania (Outside Speakers)

    EES Seminar Series (link)

    • April 12, 2013: Steven T. Goldsmith from Villanova University delivered a lecture on
    • March 15, 2013: Ning Lin from Princeton University held a talk on Physically-based Hurricane Surge Risk Assessment
    • January 18, 2013: Zachary Sharp from the University of New Mexico held a seminar discussing The use of diatoms for paleoclimate reconstruction
    • November 16, 2012: Andrew Wittenberg, visiting from the NOAA GFDL Laboratory, delivered a lecture: Whither ENSO? Assessing El Nino risks for the coming decades
    • November 9, 2012: Aaron Thompson from the University of Georgia spoke on Modulation of soil carbon mobility, decomposition, and stability by iron redox cycling
    • November 2, 2012: Katharina Billups from the University of Delaware held a seminar on the topic of Reconstructing climate history: The evolution of Antarctic glaciation
    • September 24, 2012: George Schwamborn from the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany spoke about Permafrost-to-lake interactions at El'gygytyn Crater lake, Northeast Russia
    • September 21, 2012: Jaime Palter, visiting from McGill University, delivered a talk on The driving processes of deep ocean heat uptake and their temporal variability
    • Spring 2012: Anand Gnanadesikan from the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences in Johns Hopkins University - Understanding open-ocean dead zones
    • Fall 2011: Joellen L. Russell from the The University of Arizona - The Ocean's Role in Climate: Southern Ocean Uptake of Heat and Carbon
    • Fall 2011: Marc Hijma from Tulane University's Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences - Holocene sea-level changes along the Gulf Coast: 8.2 sea-level jump and Mid-Holocene highstand
    • Fall 2011: Adam Langley from Villanova University's Department of Biology - The limits of ecosystem response to global change: holding back hell and high water
    • Fall 2011: Erik E Cordes from Temple University's Biology Department - Impacts of the Gulf oil spill on deepwater communities
    • Fall 2011: Raj Saha from the Department of Mathematics in Bowdoin College - Sea Ice and the 1500 year Climatic Oscillations During the Last Glacial Period
    • Fall 2011: Anne Willem Omta from MIT - On the potential role of marine calcifiers in glacial-interglacial dynamics
    • Spring 2010: Eric A. Davidson from The Woods Hole Research Center - Manure Happens: The Environmental Consequences of Feeding Six Billion Human Carnivores
    • Spring 2010: James Smith from Princeton University's Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering - The Hydroclimatology of Flooding in the Eastern US
    • Spring 2010: Mark A. Bradford from Yale University's School of Forestry and Environmental Studies - Soil microbial community effects on ecosystem carbon dynamics
    • Spring 2010: Jorge L. Sarmiento from Princeton University's Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences - Recent trends in the global carbon cycle balance

    IES Seminar Series (link)

    Past Events

    Spring 2011: A panel discussion by Kent D.W. Bream, M.D from Family Medicine & Community Health, Upenn; Carol Collier from the Delaware River Basin Commission; Anna Cremaldi from the Dept. of Philosophy, Upenn; Robert Giegengack from the Earth & Env. Sci., Upenn; and Alan M. Robinson,
    Kleinfelder, Inc. on The future direction of energy production in PA and NY, and its environmental impact. (link to video)

    Fall 2010: The fourth annual conference was held by the Philadelphia Global Water Initiative on Managing the Last 1%: Allocating Water to Meet the UN Millennium Development Goals

    Fall 2010: A Northeast Regional Water Security Seminar was given in cooperation with the Commission and Water Resources Association of the Delaware River Basin

    Year of Water (2010-2011)
    During the academic year of 2010-2011, the University of Pennsylvania celebrated the Year of Water, an exploration of water and environmental awareness.

    • The Earth and Environmental Science Department participated in the World Water Day fair on campus.
    • Irina Marinov, lecturer in the Earth and Environmental Science Department, gave a 60-second talk on "Water and Future Climate Change."

    Symposium: Responses, Risks and Adaptation to Climate Change

    When: Friday, May 1, 8:00am to 3:30pm.

    Where: University of Pennsylvania, Chemistry Building, 34th & Spruce Streets

    A group of concerned faculty at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) organized a one-day symposium at Penn on “Responses, Risks and Adaptation to Climate Change”, to inform the broader University community about the challenges and opportunities of climate science for researchers and students. The symposium showcased the diversity of climate-related research at Penn and included three outside speakers to complement and diversify these themes.